What I Want My Nursing Home Room To Look Like

Posted by Dr. El - March 17, 2009 - Anecdotes, Communication, Tips for gifts, visits, Transitions in care - 13 Comments
  • Hang my psychology diplomas on my wall, so I’m reminded of my accomplishments.  
  • Display family photos, so I feel surrounded by my loved ones.
  • If I have Dementia, label my photos so the staff can talk to me about my family and help me to remember.
  • Put a quilt or bedspread on my bed from home so my room won’t look so institutional.
  • Over my bed, put up the Halloween photo of me dressed as Wonder Woman, to remind everyone of my hip and glamorous past.
  • Make sure I have some nice clothes in my closet (and some lipstick on my lips), so I can continue my hip and glamorous life.