The SCAN Foundation improves coordination of care in the community

Posted by Dr. El - January 20, 2017 - Inspiration, Senior Care - No Comments

My favorite line in McKnight’s LTC News’ guest column by Bruce Chernoff, MD is, “Today we’re increasingly aware that social determinants of health—non-clinical factors like access to transportation or food — play major roles in our health, especially for vulnerable older adults with multiple chronic conditions and daily living challenges.” YES.

Dr. Chernoff goes on to say, “Many of these people, a majority of whom are older than 65, encounter a system that often doesn’t offer the help and coordination they need beyond the four walls of their hospital or physician practice.” Definitely.

Find out how The SCAN Foundation and collaborating organizations are working to change that by reading Dr. Chernoff’s column, Opportunity: Improve care for Americans who need it most and visiting their website.