The Relaxed Checkout Lane

Older adults often need extra time at the supermarket checkout register. Setting up a Relaxed Lane allows seniors and others to buy their groceries without the pressure of delaying people who might be in a rush behind them.

The idea was created in Scotland by Tesco supermarket community champion Kerry Speed, who worked in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland. Following their model, I created signs and spoke to my local supermarket manager and workers.

Now my neighborhood has a Relaxed Checkout Lane — your neighborhood can have one too!

Foodtown Manager Mauricio Franco











It’s easy to set up a Relaxed Checkout Lane — you’ll find all the FREE tools you need right here:

  • Two signs for download: One that explains the relaxed lane register, to be placed at the front of the checkout lane. (It can be laminated or put in a plastic sleeve for durability.)
  • Another sign with the “Relaxed Checkout Lane” title for greater visibility. (My supermarket used both signs to notify their customers about their special lane).

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A brief video explaining the program and teaching the supermarket staff. (See below.)