Technology for Nursing Home Residents

Posted by Dr. El - February 9, 2011 - Boomers, Technology, Tips for gifts, visits - 13 Comments

I recently read an article about how the aging of baby boomers is causing some technology companies to focus on products geared toward older adults, often with the goal of helping them remain independent and at home for longer periods of time.  But what about those older adults already living in nursing homes?  What would help them be more independent?
Here are products I thought residents would appreciate, and ones I’d like myself when it’s my turn.  Please add your suggestions in the Comments section:

  • A motorized wheelchair
  • A remote control for the air conditioner/heating system
  • Windows that can open and shut by remote control
  • A rubberized telephone that can withstand frequent dropping
  • Wi-Fi
  • Any adaptive equipment I need to use my laptop
  • A staff paging system that doesn’t involve overhead announcements