Old Age, from Youth’s Narrow Prism by Marc E. Agronin, MD

Posted by Dr. El - March 2, 2010 - Books/media of note, Depression/Mental illness/Substance Abuse, Medication issues - 2 Comments

I saw an article yesterday in the Health section of the New York Times describing the difficulty of younger people to imagine what life might be like in later years, particularly in nursing homes. I thought readers would appreciate it.

The old woman had drawn down the shade in her room — hoping, I imagined, to stop the midday Miami sun from penetrating her grief. But the sun still hit the window full force and illuminated the shade like a Chinese lantern.
She sat silently in a wheelchair, her 93-year-old silhouette stooped in the bathing light. I entered, held her hand for a moment and introduced myself. “Sit down, doctor,” she said politely.
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