Nursing Homes: Set Up a Skype Call Center for Holiday Cheer

Posted by Dr. El - November 29, 2010 - Boomers, Communication, Technology, Younger residents - 3 Comments

Looking for a great, inexpensive way to create some good will and holiday cheer at the nursing home this year? Why not set up a call center using Skype? Residents, families, and staff members can sign up to call loved ones around the globe, conversing with them via video call.

What it would take:
  • A laptop or desk-top computer set up with FREE Skype
  • A semi-quiet, semi-private area for conversations
  • Tech support, or volunteers who know how to use Skype (for example. high school students or tech-savvy residents)
  • A pre-call information sheet for families so they can set up Skype on the computers of those they plan to call.
  • A sign-up sheet to maintain order in what is likely to be a wildly popular service