Nursing Home Tips for Residents, by Residents

Posted by Dr. El - June 4, 2009 - Resident education/Support groups - 7 Comments

I asked some experienced nursing home residents if they had any advice they’d like to share with residents who were just arriving, in order to make their stay more pleasant. I was surprised by the diversity of their responses and the speed with which they gave them. Please add your suggestions to the comments section.

Find at least one person you trust to confide in

Attend recreational activities

Get a newspaper subscription and crossword puzzle books

Read the bible and pray a lot

Know your medication so you can double check what they’re giving you

Be friendly and polite

Make your room your own by decorating

Know that you’re not alone in thinking “I never thought I’d be in a place like this”

Read a lot of books

Accept where you are and remember, there are worse places you could be

Be as independent as possible

Don’t be afraid to try new recreational activities, because you might find something you really enjoy

Try to bring activities from your home life into your new life in the nursing home. For example, if you used to garden, bring plants into your room. If you used to do needlework, continue to do it.