Nursing Home Resident Blogs

Posted by Dr. El - June 1, 2012 - Books/media of note, Inspiration - 2 Comments

I’m lucky enough to hear the private perspective of nursing home residents every day, but for those of you wondering what residents really think about living in long-term care, here are some blogs that generously offer their often surprising, sometimes shocking, viewpoints.




Straw Flowers, “one woman’s 20+ year journey through the elder care system,” is 78-year old Marya Methven’s wise and engaging chronicle of her life and long-term care experience.





Kathleen Mears blogs for Long-Term Living Magazine about her 16 years of life in nursing homes as an incomplete quadriplegic.  She is very attuned to the social dynamics of the nursing home and to the impact of rules and regulations on the residents.




Worthless Goddamn Cripple is the angry, profane, insightful blog written by a man who had a stroke at the age of 33 (see the synopsis page for details).  He offers a youthful perspective well worth the read and, despite the fact that the blog mysteriously ended in 2008, it’s still relevant.

If you know of other nursing home resident blogs, please add the urls to the Comments section.  Thanks!