ElderApps for Nursing Home Residents

Posted by Dr. El - May 17, 2010 - Boomers, Resident education/Support groups, Technology, Tips for gifts, visits - 2 Comments

I recently saw a video showing a 99-year old woman reading and composing poetry on her new iPad, which brightened and enlarged the typeface enough that she could read again despite limited vision due to glaucoma. It got me thinking about apps our elders could use in the nursing home and upon discharge. Please add your ElderApp suggestions in the comments section.

  • Kindle, for a treasure trove of books
  • A Diabetes app (there are many), to track blood sugar and help plan meals upon discharge
  • A Medication Tracker
  • Pandora, for instant access to favorite music (for inspiration in Rehab, or to drown out the buzzers and overhead pages)
  • Games, to keep the mind sharp and to play while waiting for all the things residents have to wait for
  • A Voice Memo Recorder, to easily capture thoughts before they escape
  • The 12 Step Companion, which includes the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book and a meeting locator, to keep close to your program until all nursing home host AA meetings (for more on this, see Why Every Nursing Home Should Host AA Meetings)