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Bulk orders offer a substantial discount off the $13.99 cover price, making it easier for you to show your residents you care about their well-being. Join others who have made The Savvy Resident’s Guide part of their admissions process.

Savvy Resident's Guide CoverLong-Term Living Magazine editor Patricia Sheehan says“I encourage LTC providers to consider providing this book to residents and their families upon admission….I wish this book had been in print when my own loved ones faced admission to nursing homes….I know it would have helped us during those stressful, uncertain times.” 

“A must-read…I’d like to see each nursing home offer this book to each new resident and their family.” – Dale C. Carter, MBA, Transition Aging Parents

“An inspiring, compassionate, and imminently practical survival guide” – David Solie, MS, PA, How to Say It To Seniors

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News editor James M. Berklan states, “If there is anyone who knows how to get inside the head of a troubled long-term care resident, it is Eleanor Feldman Barbera. Better than that is the fact that this talented nursing home psychologist is willing to share what she knows.”

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