About Dr. El

Eleanor Feldman Barbera, PhD  (Dr. El)

Dr. El, author of The Savvy Resident’s Guide, is a licensed psychologist who works with long-term care residents and their families to bring dignity and humanity to their shared experience. She has been in the mental health field since she was 19 years old and for the past 20 years she’s specialized in long-term care. She developed her expertise through speaking with elders and training nursing home staff to provide compassionate service to their residents. She frequently lectures on subjects related to psychology, aging and nursing homes.

Dr. El knows and understands long-term care from a perspective few others use or know.  She uses psychological secrets in her own work and then passes that knowledge along to others in her seminars and workshops.

If you’re eager to see your loved one thrive in long-term care, you should contact Dr. El.  She teaches a range of topics within the field, including:

  • How to emotionally support a loved one’s move into long-term care
  • How to develop relationships with staff to create an optimal experience
  • How to bring family healing to the long-term care environment
  • How to cope with substance abuse and mental health problems in long-term care
  • How to bring energy and joy to the lives of people in long-term care
  • And much, much more!

Dr. El looks forward to helping you and your family thrive during your eldercare journey and encourages you to read her FREE tips:

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