The Savvy Resident’s Guide:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Nursing Home Stay

But Were Afraid to Ask



Long-Term Living Magazine editor Patricia Sheehan says, “I encourage LTC providers to consider providing this book to residents and their families upon admission….I wish this book had been in print when my own loved ones faced admission to nursing homes….I know it would have helped us during those stressful, uncertain times.” 

“A nice complete resource to help empower elders and their families to be informed about the process of moving to long-term care.”  — G. Allen Power, MD , Eden Alternative Mentor

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News editor James M. Berklan says, “This is a publication primarily aimed at [residents and families], yet it can be an invaluable tool for caregivers as well.”

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The Savvy Resident’s Guide is for you if you’re a family member, resident, LTC staff member, or are training to work with elders…


Do you worry about your loved one in a nursing home?

Are you wondering how to help them adjust to their new circumstances?

Do you have questions about how nursing homes work?

The Savvy Resident’s Guide provides a road map for families through the often-puzzling nursing home environment, offers insight into the private concerns of loved ones, and makes an ideal gift for a nursing home resident.


Are you surprised and disappointed that you’re in a nursing home?

Do all the people and rules get to you sometimes?

Do you wish you could talk with others who understand what it’s like?

The Savvy Resident’s Guide is a large-print book written especially for you, with resident narrators who tell it like it is and give tips for handling challenging situations.


Do you wish you had more time to settle down your anxious residents?

Do you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly from each new resident and their family members?

Would you like help in explaining how nursing homes work so residents can make better use of their stays (and free up your time for direct care)?

The Savvy Resident’s Guide is like having a team member available to the residents 24/7 who can answer their questions and provide information that makes them part of the team.


Do you wonder what it’s like to work in a nursing home?

Are you curious about what the residents think about living there?

Are you looking for an approach to handling mental health issues?

The Savvy Resident’s Guide provides an overview of nursing home life from the resident’s point of view and offers a respectful approach to providing care that’s helpful for every discipline.

Purchase via Amazon:  The Savvy Resident’s Guide

($13.99 Print, $4.99 Kindle)

BULK order discounts (25 or more copies)

Bulk Orders